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Data visualization reports about social needs in Spain, based on specific data visualizations, covering topics of national interest such as education, health or the labor market. In these reports there is a comparison between the situation in Spain and the situation in the rest of European Union countries. It is a collection of 6 data reports, each of them with its methodological appendix, but the project is still running, so only four of them are published in the banking foundation website.

They were designed managing data at first using excel. Then, data was displayed visually in Tableau software for obtaining raw visualizations, and after that, specific design and appealing aspects were adjusted in detail in adobe illustrator and adobe indesign.

So far the first four have been published in La Caixa website.

You can free download all the data visualization reports here, including their methodological appendix

Economic and material welfare

Labour Market



All reports start with a double page as an executive summary compiling the essential aspects of the main topic of this report. It is useful to display the most important information at first glance, to understand the main points before reading the the full report.

Then, The situation in Spain is introduced. This part explains the country situation attending to different challenges, which were presented in the previous part.

After that, all the reports has a special section to describe how is the situation in Europe related with the main theme of the report. In this sections there are comparisons between Spain and the other countries which belong to the EU.

The next section is called Public Policies, and it is used to explain what are we doing to solve the current problems, or how we can deal with them.

The last section are the conclusions, where the main ideas and solutions are summarized to take note of them.

Do you have data and want to display it visually in a data report?

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