Freelance graphic designer specialized in Infographics, Data visualization, Graphic design

Hello, my name is Andrés Fernández Torcida and I am a freelance graphic designer specialized in:

Infographics, Data visualization, Graphic design.

I also have experience in Tableau & data reports, Illustration and motion graphics.

Based in Spain, Europe. But connected everywhere via

Before being a designer and specialized in data visualization and infographics, I was a Naval Engineer working in some vessels with naval machines (huge engines!) so as you will see in my projects, all of them are functional, clean and understandable due to my engineering background. I believe that design needs to fulfill a purpose and I always look at the most functional way to communicate ideas through graphic design.

I have been working remotely since I started in the world of graphic design and here you will see some of my projects related with big and small companies from all over the world. From projects done during full time remote contracts (which I am also open too) such as illustrations or infographic pills to freelance projects like data reports or personal projects related to datavis, motion graphics or workshops that I am proud of and want to share with you.

I am always looking for new and challenging roles or projects, so if you want to run any kind of design idea please don’t hesitate in contact me:

Together, we can convert ideas to successful projects trough design.

Apart from that, I define myself as nature lover and heart surfer so I am always open to share a surf session, go to the mountains, have a coffee or just have a conversation.

We can also be in touch via social media trough Linkedin, Instagram, Behance, WNW, Angelist or Domestika.

Thanks for stopping by!

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